Empowering Change
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Former life coach and pastoral counselor Rev. Joanne Aaronson (Reiki Master) has left the corporate world beyond but not
her mission to empowering change! No longer motivated for profit, Rev. Aaronson now fosters activities to help others move
into the light.
Personal Services

Non-denominational Ceremonies & Blessings:

inspirational speaker        institute for intuitive studies


  • Contact Joanne to learn more about moving towards
    your own Inner light today.
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Serving MD/DC/VA and Fairfax, Alexandria, Springfield, Falls Church,  McLean, in metropolitan Washington, DC, in the northern, Virginia Reston
area. Skype and other wifi video consultations available upon request.
Intuitive life coaching
Joanne Aaronson
career coaching
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Happy people use intuitive life coaching
Allow your inner light to shine through: Think positive thoughts, do actions to help others, be the light
Joanne Aaronson

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Empowering change is about encouraging our true natures and
highest potential to surface in ourselves and those around us. It's
also about being of service; otherwise known as being the light:

  • It's about helping others, caring and sharing.

  • TANGO FOR CHANGE is a community outreach effort for dancers
    to be fireflies to light the night with their efforts to be of service.
    See our Facebook Page for events.
Joanne Aaronson, Rev., Reiki Master is a graduate of the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies (EIIS) ARE,  emphasis is on
access to your inner guidance; AKA, your Inner light  to empower change, facilitating overcoming negative energy patterns to
achieve  your highest potential.
  • In addition, as an ordained interfaith minister (CCWH) Rev. Joanne counsels on life transitions,  and performs spiritual
    ceremonies/ blessings to harness positive flow as you move through your life journey.

all today: 703-624-0130 for a complimentary phone consultation.