Ms. Aaronson, PMP, is a speaker, author, and trainer on creativity & intuitive
development-inspired topics. Emphasis is on using one's inner light to
achieve personal and professional success. In addition, she's a project
management professional with over 20 years of corporate success to her
credit having won both national and international awards for organizational
success.  Bridging both corporate and holistic worlds enables Joanne to
provide the best combination of right and left brain techniques and guidance
which are reflected in all her workshops, presentations and briefings.

Her Enlightened Leadership training adapts the same inner light philosophy  
for the organization. Joanne's Enlightened Leadership-Maximizing Creativity
Workshop is a unique experience and captures the secret to her corporate
success. The next in line is the Conscious Communications Workshop - due
date TBD. .
Presentations or workshops have been done for the following   

  • AT&T                                       
  • British Telecom                     
  • Concert
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Project Management Institute
  • Community Chapel for Wholistic Healing
  • National Society for Quality
  • Various Government Agencies
Career women
Available workshops: (Please contact me for more information)

Prosperity and the Law of Abundance (3 hours)
Stress Reduction - Assess Your Stress  (3 hours)
Intuitive Techniques for Decision Making (3-4 hours)
Understanding & Applying Right Brain Creativity (3-4 hours)
Conscious Communications (3-4 hours)
You've Got Mail (3 hours)
It's About Power (3 hours)
Operating in the Zone (3 hours) (Combines some of the others)
Enlightened Leadership-Maximizing Creativity (7 hours) (Combines some of the others)
Life Transformations, LLC
Enlightened Leadership - Maximizing Creativity
EL II - Conscious Communications
Creativity & Enlightened Leadership Workshops

Ms. Aaronson presents on Enlightened Leadership, creativity and using one's inner light to achieve
personal and professional success based on her own 20- year flawless track record of bringing in
projects in both national and international organizations.

The idea is to maximize creativity -
  • including accessing right brain creativity,
  • understanding one's inspirational flashes, and
  • using both left and right brain functions
for balanced brain decisions.

These traits are part of the paradigm shift that I call
Enlightened Leadership. Being an Enlightened
Leader means you're able to handle workplace ups and downs with ease and still enable organization
or project success .
In essence, you know how to do the right thing at the right time and for the right
! This paradigm has been the secret to my success in bringing in every project I've ever worked
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Learn how in my one-day workshop - Enlightened Leadership - Maximizing Creativity via Innovation,
Imagination and Intuition.
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The Five elements of the Enlightened Leadership paradigm include:
  • Being self-aware
  • Knowing your power
  • Understanding and using your inner creativity
  • Accessing your light inner
  • Using your heart as well as your head (to communicate)

Interested in a class? Contact me for schedule and space availability or to arrange a program at your
location. Also, I'm available for speaking opportunities on inspired topics.

Presentations in 2012

Feb. 15  PMI Reston Chapter -  Natural
Project Management- Lessons From Nature
for Team Building Success

April 11 NIH Chapter -  
Natural Project Management- Lessons From
Nature for Team Building Success

Sept 19 Fairview Park Chapter -  
Natural Project Management- Lessons From
Nature for Team Building Success
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Presentations in 2013

April 8 Reston CC
Heart-Based Communications – Learning to
Engage the Heart as well as the Head in