My Mission is to Empower Change Now!
  • For the individual:
Using her own intuitive abilities combined with years of real world experience, Joanne will facilitate
access to your inner light and achievement of your highest potential. This means transforming your
life by
learning to empower change! (for more click here)

  • For the corporation:
Joanne's mission is to bring the tenents of what she calls,
Enlightened Leadership into the corporation doing the right thing at the right time and for the right
 Empower yourself to empower your team, program, project or organization. Contact Joanne
for creative and/or inspiring presentations or worksops.


Joanne Aaronson is an intuitive life coach with over 25 years of combined experience in managing
and leading teams to success in the fields of program/project management, sales and government
consulting for local, national and international environments.

She holds certifications in intuitive development, Reiki Master Teacher, is an ordained spiritually-
oriented minister as well as a seasoned project management professional (PMP). Thus she bridges
corporate and enlightened worlds. Her mission is to facilitate overcoming negative patterns allowing
maximum potential to unfold.


At the turn of the millennium, Ms. Aaronson was moved to study intuitive development at the ARE's
Institute for Intuitive Studies (EIIS), from which she holds two certifications. In addition, to further her
understanding of energy work, she became a Reiki Master.  These studies were a natural extension
of her undergraduate work (BA) in Physics and graduate certificate in Technology Management.
Combining her intuitive development studies with her corporate background, Joanne formed her
company Life Transformations in 2003 to empower change to achieve one's highest potential.
Emphasis is on access to one's inner guidance, the pipeline to the source, the only way to know the
right direction.

Bridging both left and right brain, Joanne has combined her corporate experience with her intuitive
development training, as balance is an important perspective. She has applied her special brand of
intuitive techniques to guide successful projects/organizations, with a special sensitivity to:

  • team cohesiveness, relationship building,
  • customer intimacy and
  • an attitude of service to customers and team members alike.

    Why energy work?

As human beings, we are complex with layers of negative patterns picked up from our environment,
our upbringing and our own past experiences. Gaining an understanding of these negative blocks
and then how to transform them, enables us to unveil our highest potential underneath - much like
peeling an onion. Change your energy to change your life!

This combination of traditional education, practical experience and energy techniques enables her
to adapt intuitive development with:

  • empowerment  
  • effective decision making
  • creativity and performance enhancement
  • stress, work-life and time management
  • life mission/goal determination/career mentoring
  • personal & professional growth for the individual's benefit.

Spiritual Ceremonies/Blessings

As a Community Chapel for Wholistic Healing (CCWH) Minister, Joanne continues her intuitive,
spiritual and ethical studies to offer individual and corporate clients the best combination of
services. She has studied with Rosslyn Bruyere of the Healing Light Church,
The Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies (EIIS)
as well as her extensive program with CCWH.

Joanne serves the MD/DC/VA community with
spiritual, non-denominational blessings/ceremonies as an interfaith minister built around
overcoming negative energy patterns  and fostering
a positive flow with all of the transitions and aspects of
the journey known as the circle of life.


Joanne Aaronson, intuitive life coach, writer & ordained minister
Enlightened Leadership
Executive and
individual coaching
sessions available.
In either case, the goal
is to unveil negative
patterns that are
preventing achieving
the highest potential.
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  • Certified from the Institute for Intuitive Studies
  • Project Management Professional (PMP/PMI)
  • (Dec. '09 Ordained Minister of CCWH)
  • 10% of profits donated to charities such as the Smile Train (www.
  • Listed in Strathmore's Who's Who 2005/6
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