The Power of Intention

Nothing positive happens from a negative. This statement is one of my ten universal laws that many are not taught and few really understand. Yet, this statement and its underlying concepts are the basis for all that we actually create in our world. Any time we will something to happen we are using this natural law. Sure, it may not be one of the laws studied in a physics class, but it is very much a natural law just the same. When we say that we can’t do something, we set up a negative that’s pretty hard to overcome. Ever see someone ski down a hill who doesn’t believe that they can ski? Pretty funny, right? How about saying that you can do it?  How does that change the outcome? When you say you can’t… you are saying this to yourself. You can’t do this… It stops you in your tracks. Then say I can do it! The power of the mind is amazing. Thus, just like I said, nothing positive happens from a negative. You have to believe that you can before you can make it happen yourself. This is the power of intention. 

What are some examples of how we can use the essence of this law to create what we want in our personal lives? How can we use it to gain professional success? Let’s take a look…

Every time we think, our thoughts are the basis of our actions. Before we do something, we think of it first. So, in reverse, if you want to behave in a certain way, think that way first. When one uses affirmations to program the self for positive outcome, he/she is applying this concept. An affirmation is a statement affirming (or saying in a positive way) whatever we wish to occur.

  • To move forward on a healthy eating program to lose weight and tone up one possible affirmation is:  I am normalizing my weight. I eat healthy food and exercise my body daily. All is well in my world.
  • In order to gain control over one’s finances, an affirmation might be: I spend on those things that are both necessary and satisfying for me so that I may gain financial security. I spend some and save some to ensure a prosperous future.
  • Or, to change jobs to a new position, one might say: I welcome a new career opportunity where I can use my creative and customer relations skills for and with those that appreciate me in order to gain financial security.

Using affirmations is a very effective way to overcome bad habits and move forward with change in your life. Studies indicate that it takes about six weeks to change habits, so hang in there with repeating your affirmations even if you don’t see results right away.

Every project manager knows that a project must be visualized before it can be created. There must be a crystal clear picture in the mind, which is then translated into tasks, dates, resources, etc. in order for the whole plan to be sold to the associated stakeholders. Without this vision, not much will happen. So if you’re on a project with nothing happening, go back to the vision. Is there a clear strategic view that has been shared among the team? If not, do a reset of the intention of the project.

This concept can be applied to any business situation regardless of whether one is doing business development or some other area. Look at the intention, vision and use affirmations to first be clear on where the work activities need to go. Then stand back and manifest your ideals into reality. We create our reality one thought at a time. Have fun and feel free to share your results.

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7 Responses to The Power of Intention

  1. Ray says:

    I wanted to thank you yet again for this aiazmng web-site you have designed here. It’s full of ideas for those who are definitely interested in this subject, especially this very post. You’re really all absolutely sweet and thoughtful of others plus reading your blog posts is a superb delight if you ask me. And what a generous gift! Ben and I are going to have fun making use of your points in what we should instead do next week. Our list is a mile long and tips might be put to good use.

  2. Diana says:

    I have been using affirmations now for over a year with some derggee of success but not to the degree I believe they could bring. However after reading this post I feel that what your saying is only going to enhance my success. Self sabotage has definitely played a part in lack of success and I have loosely used the afformation technique not knowing not knowing that it was a technique. I am now going to use what you have said and write back once I have got my results. Thank you

    • AjandLaura says:

      think of degrees as posrgersive learning points, like learning in school, you learn a concept, then build on that concept with higher degrees of understanding. if one tried to learn complex math without first learning basic math, it would likely be overwhelming. Reiki is practice of healing rather than a particular group trying to control your mind having experienced the benefits personally, it’s been the most freeing experience, which is the direct opposite of cults.

      • Yaren says:

        Positive affirmations are great! What a lot of peploe don’t understand is that the brain is like a computer, you put software in and if that software is corrupt you don’t get your desired outcome. When your brain hears something over and over again, it gets programmed into your head and that’s what you start to do or feel like. An example of this would be if a person was trying to lose weight they would get much a much better result if they were to say I’m going to be healthy, I can do it rather than I’m fat and hate the way I look . Your thoughts can easily effect your entire life, so keep on saying positive affirmations, it’s great for your mental health and overall well being!Sorry if this was a bit more than what you asked for, but I hope it helps!

  3. intuitivelifecoachJoanne says:

    I’m so glad that others are gaining benefit from my writings. always in light, Joanne

    • Syoko says:

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