Winning with Heart-based Communications

I recently did a presentation regarding the advantages of using one’s heart as well as the head in discourse. The program was well-received by the local community audience and in particular, greatly helped an attendee who later came to me for private coaching. Although it took several months to put together the slides and prepare, my volunteer effort – using my own heart energy- paid off for me professionally as well as personally. In some circles, this is called “pay it forward”.

heart-based communicationsI covered a lot of ground in my two hour mini-workshop. Over my next few blog articles, I’ll pull out some of the critical points for your consideration. Hopefully you’ll find a tidbit of two to help move your career and even your life forward.

First, what is meant by using one’s heart vs. one’s head in any circumstance? The head is all about left-brain data, analytical and logical thinking. So when we say, “Use your head” it refers to this left-brain way of looking at things. Describing just the facts Mam, just the facts would be an example. If you saw a traffic accident and calmly explained the details, or you read through and performed a recipe to bake a cake, you’d be using your head. Also, if you were out in the desert feeling lost and after getting out your map, went through the list of things you’d been taught as a Boy or Girl Scout, you’d also be using your head. In the world of business, doing things by route action is using the left-brain and is all about the head. This way of acting can be useful in certain everyday common activities. But when things get out of the ordinary, just using your head may not be adequate.

Another approach is using your heart. The heart is all about right-brain abstract, free flowing, and more intuitive thinking. If you saw a traffic accident, and not knowing exactly who was at fault, expressed an inner feeling about what happened, you’d be using your heart. When you are working with clients who have conflicting views, to try to figure out how to satisfy their needs, wants, and desires you might get creative; this would be using your heart or right-brain. Using the heart can be very useful when creative, more complex situations occur that are not part of the daily grind. That said, just working with the right-brain or heart and not considering the facts (head) can equally cause issues.

Let’s look more closely at the stakeholder management example. If in the course of dealings, one considers the facts of the situation (using the head) and then applies the intuitive knowing about what to do to bring in the creative solution (using the heart), it’s been my experience over many years of successful corporate management that a more progressive answer will be found. There are so many considerations when dealing with people that showing all the perturbations of possibilities is not possible; but hopefully, you’re getting the idea.

In our rather left-brained society, being more careful to engage the heart as well as the head can lead to more positive human resource interactions on many fronts, whether in negotiations, sales, business development or employee/management situations. Try it and see.

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