Job Tenuous? Give to Charity!

“I’m about to lose my job and you’re telling me to give money to charity?” the simple answer is “yes”! Exactly! When you are in a tenuous situation with your financial security, it’s best to create space for new opportunities to manifest. So what are the elements behind this “give away to get in return” concept?

First, we must start with the law of Abundance: What you give out comes back to you multiplied! In the example of an impending job loss, if you give to charity, you are setting up the energy of helping others so that you can be helped in return. The “help” can be in the form of networking leads, job opportunities that suddenly appear, recruiters that just “happen” to see your resume on an internet site, a sudden feeling to call a particular company, etc. other possibilities include unexpected money showing up in the form of rebate checks, payments, new personal clients, unusual investment returns, or money in your bank account. I’ve had almost all of these possibilities happen to me so I know they are real. Once I was laid off with 7,000 of my closest associates in the telecom abundancefield during the 2003 industry meltdown. I went through several months of turmoil until I wrote a check to the Smile Train for a complete operation for one of the cleft palate children that this organization helps save from a life of disfigurement. The following week, I received a payout check from my layoff company that was $800 more than expected. Wow! The $250 that I gave to the Smile Train in abundance turned into $800 within a week; not a bad return especially when I merely blessed the check sending it out into the universe with abundance energy. This is an example of the Law of Abundance at work.

It may seem counterintuitive to give money away when you’re not sure when you’ll have another job, but if you trust the process, stay positive, and give a reasonable amount away, you may just recreate your financial security a lot sooner than you thought possible. Good luck!

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