Bless your bills

billsFrom time to time we all talk about how many bills we have to pay. There are bills related to many areas of our lives including the owning of a home that include maintenance, upkeep and or repair; the daily activities of our personal lives such as food, clothing, personal items as well as fun activities; then there is the buying of gifts for holidays… Well, the list can grow very quickly. There are always many items that draw our attention that we want to buy for just fun or personal entertainment or to just make our lives easier – but when is enough, really enough? When do we really need another tablet or the next cell phone or yet another steam cleaner for the wood floors? Of course, we have to watch how much goes out in payments versus how much we have for income. The concept is so simple yet it is so easy to be “overdrawn”. Needless to say we want to avoid being in a deficient situation. Perhaps our government can print money but most of us are not in this enviable position nor is it fiscally prudent to do so.

Yet, it is equally negative to be so frugal with ourselves and others that we walk around with torn wallets because we just don’t want to spend the money to buy a new one. Doing so sends out a message of scarcity as if to say that there isn’t enough to go around so we must be so very careful with how we spend money. There has to be a balance between the two extremes described – underspending is just as harmful to us as overspending. I once had a friend that didn’t own a television set and only had limited phone service in the house. All of a sudden he started to have many things break requiring expensive repairs. I recognized this repeating pattern for what it was – an indication of him being in scarcity. Let me explain – by being so frugal with himself, he was sending out a message of scarcity to the universe – so he was getting back the same energy. “Ok, if you think that there isn’t enough to go around, then we will create situations for you to spend money to prove to you that you can spend money”. It took me awhile, but I convinced him that if he bought a TV and regular phone service that his repair problems would stop – AND THEY DID when he acted as I suggested. The universe stopped all the ugly repairs and he’s never had such a run of issues again. He’s retained his abundance outlook and all has been well.

So the moral of the story is to be careful of what you think, how you act for what you send out in thoughts comes back to you in kind. Send out a message that there is plenty of everything – that you do have plenty of money to pay your bills (being reasonable of course) and the universe will cover them nicely. It’s really nice to have the money to pay bills. Bless your bills and your ability to pay them. Thank the universe or spirit for your ability to pay and all will be well.


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2 Responses to Bless your bills

  1. Wade M Elliott says:


    After reading your last blog entry it made me think of how the reading applied to many of my life issues. Not only financial, but in how I interact in my relationships both personal and in my business worlds.

    I will keep you posted.