What do people gain from SPAMMING?

All of a sudden, my blog has come under attack.. This could be funny – why would anyone want to attack a blog about empowering one’s self? That being said, it’s still the case, I’m under attack. I know I shouldn’t take it personally, but somehow I am. After so many years of working hard to put out valuable articles, those that sell sexual performance enhancement drugs, insurance sales people and other similar “on the edge” products have been using SPAM to rock my website.

The result of all this SPAM is that it’s a waste of my time. When I should be thinking of something constructive to say to you all, I’m spending time clicking “spam”, “spam” for each of 30-40 useless comments daily. Why me? Then again, why not me? Why should I be spared?

Perhaps I was meant to write an article about how our society has degraded so that there is no concern for how one’s actions impact someone else. Apparently, those that are doing the Spamming, care little about others. What they certainly do not get, is that in their negative actions, they are merely creating negative energy that will eventually catch up with them. Perhaps their car will break down, someone will steal their wallet or a friend will not show up for plans. In the end, the circle of life completes and we all pay the consequences of our actions – now or later.

So, if any of you bump into any of them, give them a piece of your mind for me! Tell them how awful they are being. It’s so very mean! Ok, so there! I got it off my chest. Now I can go back to realizing that one must consider the source.

Have a great day and don’t let the Spammers get you down!

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