End of the Year Blessings


As we end the year of 2014, it’s good to take time out for reflection. In this regard, I’d like to express appreciation and gratitude to all my clients both present and past for the opportunity to serve you. You have given me the chance to do what I love; that is, to help others overcome their negative patterns and achieve their highest good. In accomplishing our goals there are always a few steps forward as well as a few steps backward with the end result being a movement in the positive direction of personal growth. Such growth comes with hard won successes requiring the surmounting of challenges.

Again I thank you.

God Bless

For with each challenge that you have overcome, I have learned a lesson also. My clients are always my teachers as I have been to them. We learn from each other and move forward together, each in our own way, and in our own time along our path.

I’ve taken on a new challenge this past year to volunteer for Capital Caring doing Hospice. It’s not easy caring for those that are thought to only have six more months to live, but the result is very rewarding. I view it as a “pay it forward” activity since I might need the same services one day. And, if not, then it’s just being in abundance.

On a final note, I wish you all health, happiness, abundance, and most of all that you have love in your life.

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