What I Do:
In working with individual and corporate clients,
the following is a  partial list of my services:

  • Personal & Professional Intuitive Life Coaching
  • Personal Productivity (time management) & Empowerment
  • Support for transition, goals, life mission establishment
I can help any one that wants to:

If that includes you, then please read on...

  • In addition, the following areas may be addressed:

  •        Productivity & performance enhancement
  •        Stress reduction evaluation and training
  •        Personal empowerment
  •        Work-life balance
  •        Career change/transitions
  •        Major life decisions

  • Clients are very pleasantly surprised at how fast the core issues are
    surfaced so that the issues are transformed, not merely overcome.
Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions:
(Individual, Executive or Small Business)

  • Sessions are priced by the hour and generally last between 60-120 minutes depending on whether it's an
    initial session, working session or follow-up. Depending on the circumstance, if the client requires additional
    time, it may go longer.

  • During sessions, we will utilize various meditation, intuitive development and energy techniques, including
    Reiki, based on my intuitive guidance. The first session includes an evaluation of the situation or problem.

  • Depending on the client's goals we work out a program that suits their situation and need.

  • People vary in what they want to address in their life or work situation, but results are experienced from the
    first session.
Intuitive Life Coaching
Life Transformations, LLC
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Create their ideal relationships, career, family, finances, .... life!
Or to:
  • Achieve their highest potential
  • Learn to have intuitive insights!
  • Improve vision & enhanced creativity!
  • Set a clear life path
  • Move "out of the box"!
Pricing structure

$110/hour - SAVE 10% on a 5-hour package ($500)
or save handling (3% paypal charges me) and send a check to:
11490 Waterhaven Ct. Reston, VA 20190
5-hour coaching/counseling pkg
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Check with your tax professional to determine if your coaching and/or pastoral counseling sessions are a
tax-deductible expense. As a liscensed professional in the state of Virginia, my sessions may be eligible for a
"career-development" or "career assessment" standing.

Possible Insurance eligible nature of pastoral counseling

In addition, you may be able to submit pastoral counseling to your insurance company. This would be determined on
a case-by-case basis. In all circumstances, I provide you with the statement of my services and you submit the
request. No guarantee of acceptance is made .

  • Thinking about getting married? It's a good idea to review your compatibility and reasons for

  • Much like intuitive life coaching, pastoral counseling delves more into the spiritual side of life issues.
    Both are conducted along the same format, with the same amount of time and same pricing framework.
    that block the flow of creativity and creating the ideal relationships, finances, career and life.
           - I use a proprietary blend of energy work and intuitive development techniques to help the individual
    overcome negative patterns and open to their true potential. With a holistic perspective, you are treated as a
    total being, mind, body and spirit. You are asked to keep a journal and are given homework assignments in
    between sessions, normally lasting 2 hours each time and scheduled at 3-4 week intervals. Thus, faster
    progress is made.

  • For the corporation, executive, or small business professional
           - One-on-one intuitive life coaching to work with those areas that are holding the person back from reaching
    their true potential on the job, both professionally and personally.