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Joanne Aaronson is an intuitive life coach, ordained interfaith minister, Reiki master
practitioner, author, and workshop presenter. After a successful career in
IT/telecom/project management, she studied at the Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive
Studies and began coaching to  empower change to achieve one's highest potential. As
such she bridges both corporate and spiritual worlds. Her mission is to  assist individuals
in moving forward on their soul path using various spiritual traditions and/or intuitive
techniques based on guidance from her inner light (divine intuition).  

We are essentially energy beings and what we give out we get back multiplied. Only by
overcoming our negative patterns, can we achieve our true mission in life, and thus
achieve our true potential.

In October, 2011 Joanne began creating energy-based jewelry inspired by the inner light of
wisdom. Using her background in energy healing, she uses colored natural stones
reflecting the energy of the chakras together with spiritually-meaningful pendants to create
unique jewelry designs. No two sets are exactly alike. From the first sets that she created,
her clients were totally drawn to the set that is right for them and, they express
appreciation on wearing them as they can feel the energy. In addition, some clients indicate
that they can feel the energy of specific pieces when they walk into the room.

Come by Joanne's home/office to see for yourself. Or, if you wish, buy a set to try for
yourself. As noted, due to the custom nature of these sets, returns are not accepted.

Feel free to call with questions about the perfect set for you. Always in light, Joanne
About Us
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