What customers have to say

Customers of Inner Light Designs are thrilled with their purchases, often calling or emailing me
shortly after their purchase to thank me! Wow, that's really incredible! Here are just a few of the
examples of happy customers letting me know the impact of these unique energy-based jewelry
pieces on their lives:

"Thank you for facilitating the beginning of my journey to well-being - you're right - you are gifted for
this work. later,   "Hi Joanne – just want to tell you that I love the jewelry. "
Taking care of self to come into
Golden pearls and ZaoPo Jade
Green is heart energy, orange is self-
maintence, yellow is power.
Please contact me for further explanations and to have your energy reading so
that you understand your negative pattern. In this way you are better suited to find
the perfect energy-based set for you. Or, you can use your guidance to just
joanne@empowerchangenow.com or 703-624-0130
Citrine & lemon jade with a Citrine
geode. Yellow is also power.
Success and prosperity
Coming into one's power is a
common issue for women
Amazonite & Citrine
Hamsa is the Hand of God to
provide the light of inner Wisdom
Also some 4th chakra energy of
in part or whole without the express permission of the owner.
Red jade & white agate
Black green jade Kwan Yin to
provide to light of inner wisdom
Also some 1st chakra energy of
balance & stability