Success Stories
Life Transformations, LLC
Woman -  "Power issues"
Client A, dealing with power issues at work in terms of not moving forward in her
position wherein others took advantage of her time and willingness to work
diligently. She overcame her negative pattern of "cleaning up after others",
developed a strong sense of self, opened her heart and moved into her own power.
She's a much more balanced & happier person.
Client B, feeling that she didn't have the drive to move forward in life. She was stuck in
back. Once this energy was released, her heart opened, she moved into her power at the
proverbial "rut". We worked through some of the past issues that were holding her work
and in her personal life. At the end of our sessions, she was actively creating new the
proverbial "rut". We worked through some of the past issues that were holding her things
in her life.
Man - "Why Aren't I Promoted?"
Client C wondered why he wasn't being promoted. Once we started working together, we
found that there were missed opportunities for him to show himself to his managers, to do
more work and to move forward in other positions. He wasn't taking the initiative. Once
he realized this, we worked together to find out why he was doing this. Then, as often
happens, just as he was ready to move forward, he was given a push - he was laid off.
Then he had to find another job. Having created a vision of his ideal position during our
sessions, he was ready and not nearly as bothered by the situation. He was prepared.
Man - "Time for a new career option"
Client C, was unhappy in his IT career. He had trouble trusting himself, a trait learned
holding him back. Once he overcame his negative pattern, he came into his own
authentic self and trusted his inner wisdom. Using his past jobs as a base together with
an assessment of his life mission skills, we created an ideal career vision. As this work
progressed, his job came to an end - he was laid off! But he was prepared and thus
unafraid. Even in a challenging economy, in just a few months, he was able to secure a
new position that matched his ideal career and he moved on to a much happier job
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Woman - "Unhappy at Work"
on a remedial performance plan. This was very upsetting to my client. Through our work,
Client D found this position presented a life lesson from childhood playing out having to
do with accountability. Once she came into her own power over the situation, accepted
responsibility for her actions but realized she didn’t want to play in this particular
financial arena – she could chose what work to do – and she found with my help her
passion had to do with writing – her vision of the ideal career and the position
manifested within days of her final affirmation statement we put together. She called me
very happy with her new position and the work that we'd done together.